Who we are and what we do

Our story

BOO was created  to bring delicate and unique toys to consumers. This brand creation came after we started producing small toys inspired by the childhood memories of our designers, who began to stir the attention of children who appeared in our showroom. The whole brand concept was born out of a passion for traditional techniques and materials, and also of a sensitivity and value for culture and craftsmanship. Boo creates toys that inspire children’s imagination and help in the development of physical and cognitive skills. Our products are thoughtfully designed from a close relationship between sensory, aesthetic and sustainable issues.
We create toys to bring children closer to nature, to know and appreciate natural resources, to respect and preserve them for the future generation, and thus to learn that they can make the world a better place.
The brand relies essentially on aesthetic quality with a very natural language through wooden toys, producing simple and timeless objects of high quality that appeal to children’s the senses and emotions. We produce small series where the issue of design and production are valued. Handmaded toys require time and care that make them unique artifacts


Our vision

EDUCATION – Boo creates products that help children’s development in the various stages of childhood. The brand major goals is to think and create products carefully that emphasize a close relationship between conscious design and issues that value the stimulation of children’s creativity, that foster the construction of an emotional identity and the development of social and cognitive skills.
Our toys promote environmental issues and, consequently, appeal to the preservation and respect of natural resources.

MATERIALS – Our products are produced locally, using FSC-certified raw material. We privilege natural and warm textures, rich materials that promote ecology and sustainability.
Our brand relies on a minimal design combined with innovation on the use of new recyclable materials, one of the brand main focuses it’s to minimize environmental impact.