Carol’s inspiration

Carol’s inspiration
March 22, 2018 Boo

Our designer drew based on his childhood memories as inspiration this cute rickshaw. Small bearings and wooden planks made child’s happiness in the 60’s. Simple and friendly, it’s a nice toy that goes back to a past where accessibility to toys was rare. Handmade from hardy sycamore and finished with white mineral oil. Children can carry their toys in the small luggage, and be easily transported by their parents, through rickshaw’s accessories. Carol came up with the intention of making a child happier, and help in the development of physical and cognitive skills.
In the beginning  small sketches were giving origin to the rickshaw’s final image.

After small test prototypes were produced in our workshop, to be tested with children and perfected to it’s final form. Were made several tests and then we produced two toy’s, one for exhibition at our store, and another for CE certification.
At the moment it’s available for sale, and it’s production will only be made by order, specifically for the buyer.
Carol has a very careful production, all the parts are handmade, the details are carefully thought, always having as objective product’s quality and it’s very own identity that makes every product unique in each production.